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What Are the Main Points of Using Flaring Nipple in Pipe Fittings?

Ⅰ. What is a flared nipple in pipe fittings?

The flaring of the flared nipple in pipe fittings are characterized by the joint end being spherical, and the pipe is straight. This necessitates the use of standard tools to expand the pipe edge into a bell mouth shape to match the joint's spherical surface. Although the production and processing are inconvenient, the seal is dependable. Furthermore, copper pipes are commonly used, and flaring is a simple process.

The flared pipe nipple has a simple structure, excellent performance, manufacturing and processing capabilities, and is easy to use. The nipple in pipe fittings is appropriate for medium and low-pressure piping system software that uses oil and gas as constituents. Its pressure lies in the allowable working pressure of the pipe fittings, which is generally 3.5-16MPa. The force of the pipe joint itself is not expressly stipulated. It is widely used in hydraulic machine pipeline system software in airports, cars and CNC lathes.

Ⅱ. Requirements for the use of flared nipple in pipe fittings

Flared nipple in pipe fittings are suitable for medium and low-pressure thick-walled rare metal (copper, aluminium) pipes and plastic hoses. The key points of application are as follows:

1. The surface roughness and unevenness of the spherical sealing surface of the flared nipple in pipe fittings such as our brass pipe connectors body. The viewing angle determination error, the axial vibration of the ball facing the external thread surface, the viewing angle determination error of the inner spherical surface of the pipe sleeve, the axial vibration of the inner hole, the flatness of the external thread surface of the nut clamping inner hole A, etc., are all protruding. The tight connection quality of the surface has an impact, so it is necessary to ensure the required processing accuracy.

2. The flaring quality at the top of the pipe nipple has a close relationship with the tight connection quality of the raised surface and is also a key factor leading to leakage. Sufficient attention should be given to the flaring mold.

3. Before expanding the pipe nipple, make sure to cut the inner hole of the pipe flat, make sure it is vertical to the centre line, and remove the burrs.

4. When expanding the pipe joint, ensure the accuracy of the bell mouth diameter.

5. The outer spherical surface of the pipe nipple body and the inner surface of the pipe end bell mouth is a sealing surface, which should be cleaned and tidy before installation.

6. To prevent tilting, ensure that the bell mouth of the pipe end and the spherical coaxial cable of the connection head are installed when installing the flared nipple in pipe fittings.

7. When installing the nipple in pipe fittings, the nut should be tightened to moderate torque. The general work procedure is to tighten the nut with your hands first (it is required that the connecting head body and the external thread of the nut have a good fit) and then tighten 1/4 turn with the wrench to achieve the level of clamping needed.

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