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Do You Know about Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe?

With the increase of national construction and pipeline transportation, pipelines have been widely used. People may see all kinds of steel pipes everywhere in their lives, but they are limited to seeing them. We all know what steel pipes look like, but the specific classification is not clear.

What is anti-corrosion steel pipe?

Anticorrosive steel pipe refers to the steel pipe that can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion phenomenon of chemical or electrochemical reaction during transportation and use. Based on the excellent performance of anti-corrosion steel pipes, it is widely used in long-distance water transportation, heat, sewage treatment, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, water, bridges and other pipeline engineering fields.

What are the advantages of anti-corrosion steel pipe?

1. The anti-corrosion steel pipe forms a perfect combination of the corrosion resistance of plastic and the mechanical strength of the steel pipe;

2. The outer wall coating reaches 5mm, which is resistant to scratches and bumps;

3. The friction coefficient of the inner wall of the anti-corrosion steel pipe is about 0.0081-0.091, which can reduce energy consumption;

4. The inner wall meets the national health standards;

5. The inner wall of the steel pipe has self-cleaning function, smooth and not easy to scale.

Anticorrosive steel pipe classification knowledge:

Anti-corrosion steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe with good anti-corrosion performance, which has been widely used in construction. Due to the difference in anti-corrosion coatings and processes, there are many types of anti-corrosion steel pipes, and the workmanship of different industries of anti-corrosion steel pipes is also different.

At present, the anti-corrosion steel pipes on the market are divided into two categories according to the anti-corrosion of the outer wall and the inner wall. According to the process, shape, purpose and anti-corrosion coating, they are divided into sub-categories. Anti-corrosion steel pipes are now applicable to all areas of our lives.