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The Development of Building Materials in China

Pipe fittings are parts that connect pipes into pipes. Pipe manufacturing is used in water conservancy technology, irrigation and drainage. According to the connection method, pipe fittings can be divided into four types: socket fittings, threaded fittings, flange fittings and welded fittings. The pipe fittings are mostly made of the same material as the pipe, with elbows, flanges, three-way pipes, four-way pipes (cross heads) and different-diameter pipes (large and small heads).

The elbow is used for turning the pipe. The flange is used to connect the pipe and the pipe to each other, and is connected to the pipe end. The three-way pipe produced by pipe fittings manufacturers in China is used where three pipes meet. The four-way pipe is used where four pipes meet. Reducing pipes are used where two pipes of different diameters are connected. According to manufacturing standards, pipe fitting standards can be divided into national standard, electric standard, ship standard, chemical standard, water standard, American standard, German standard, Japanese standard, Russian standard, etc.

At present, China has already been the world's largest producer and consumer of building materials and pipe nipple manufacturer. The output of main building materials products such as cement, flat glass, building sanitary ceramics, stone and wall materials ranks first in the world for many years. At the same time, the quality of building materials is constantly improving, the consumption of energy and raw materials is declining year by year, all kinds of new building materials are constantly emerging, and building materials products are constantly being upgraded.

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