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General Installation Procedure and Principle of Double-ferrule-type Pipe Nipple

Ⅰ. Routine installation steps of double ferrule type pipe nipple

Step 1: Insert the pipe into the pipe nipple, make sure that the end of the pipe reaches the bottom of the pipe nipple, and tighten the ferrule nut with your fingers.

Step 2: Make a mark at the 6 o'clock position of the ferrule nut.

Step 3: Fix the joint body with a wrench, rotate the ferrule nut one and a quarter turn, and then rotate the mark 540 degrees to the 9 o'clock position.

Ⅱ. Working principle of double ferrule pipe nipple

In the process of tightening the ferrule nut for one and a quarter of a turn, the inside of the pipe nipple completes the following designed actions in sequence.

1. Through the screw mechanical advancement, the ferrule nut moves forward to push the rear ferrule forward, while the rear ferrule pushes the front ferrule to move forward.

2. The tip of the connector body squeezes the front ferrule inward.

3. The front ferrule eliminates the tolerance between its inner diameter and the outer diameter of the pipe.

4. With the advancement of the rear ferrule, the front ferrule moves forward and inward, and the rear end is lifted to form a seal with the inclined surface of the pipe nipple body.

5. With the greater deformation of the tube and the increase of the contact surface between the slope of the body and the front ferrule, the greater resistance forces the rear ferrule to move inward, thereby forming a second firm support on the tube.

6. After tightening the ferrule nut one and a quarter turn, it moves forward 1/16inch (1.52mm), the joint completes the sealing, and it holds the tube tightly.