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Features and Installation Instructions of Bite Type Nipple in Pipe Fittings

Ⅰ. The characteristics of the bite type pipe nipple

The bite type nipple in pipe fittings has the advantages of simple structure, lightweight, small size, convenient use, no electric welding, compression resistance, earthquake resistance, high-temperature resistance, and reliable sealing. Therefore, it can be used in high temperature, high pressure and vibration pipelines, and it is an ideal radio frequency connector for hydraulic transmission systems.   

The nut presses down the right side of the bite type nipple in pipe fittings, and the left side is pressed into the gap between the taper hole of the connector body and the pipe so that the outer spherical surface of the bite type nipple produces a spherical contact seal. The inner cutting edge of the tight sleeve is placed on the surface of the seamless steel pipe, and a closed mandrel is pressed out from the surface of the seamless steel pipe to enter and seal. The nut is further tightened to make the middle of the clamping sleeve slightly convex, causing elastic deformation and ductility. Ground stress causes sliding friction between the right side of the clamping sleeve and the nut cone to avoid loosening the nut. Part of the elastic deformation can digest and absorb the vibration in the oil hydraulic pipe coupling. In addition, the end of the bite-type pipe nipple is firmly clamped to steel.  

Ⅱ. The installation of the bite type-type pipe nipple  

For installing the bite type pipe nipple connecting pipe, pay attention to the cooperation of the model specifications and the auxiliary supporting point of the total weight. The manual should carry out the installation of the product as far as possible to ensure the normal operation of all future products.   

At this stage, there are many models and specifications of pipe fittings nipple types. With the pioneering and enterprising of smart technology, upgraded products are more fully considered for everyone's requirements, especially enterprises' products, whose characteristics are continuously improving.   

1. During the whole transportation and storage process, the bite type nipple in pipe fittings should be prevented from collisions and falling to avoid damage to the socket and internal parts.   

2. Try to install the computer concentrically to ensure the high-quality operation of the rotary nipple.   

3. When installing the bolt-connected rotating sleeve-type pipe nipples, pay attention to whether the inch thread directions of the inner and outer pipes are consistent with the rotation direction of the drum and the inch thread directions of the inner and outer pipes.  

4. For the connection between the bite type nipple in pipe fittings and the pipeline, use plastic hoses as much as possible to connect, and a rigid connection is strictly prohibited.   

5. The bite type nipple in pipe fittings shall be connected with the plastic hose as soon as possible. To relieve the load of the bite type pipe nipple, and improve the service life.   

There are countless pipe fittings manufacturers in china of bite-type pipe nipples at this stage. It is very important to choose a suitable manufacturer and go through several investigations as much as possible. It is very important to choose the right product.