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Points for Using Flare Fitting

The flare fitting is suitable for thick-walled rare metal (copper, aluminum) pipes and plastic hoses with mid-bottom pressure. The key points of its application are as follows:

1. The surface roughness and unevenness of the sealing spherical surface of the pipe nipple connector body. Viewing angle determination error, the axial vibration of the ball facing the external thread surface, the determining error of the viewing angle of the inner spherical surface of the pipe sleeve, the axial vibration of the inner hole, the flatness of the external thread surface of the nut clamping inner hole, etc., all have an impact on the quality of the tight connection of the raised surface, so it is necessary to ensure the required processing accuracy.

2. The flaring quality at the top of the coupling plumbing has an immediate hazard to the tight connection quality of the raised surface, and is also a key element that harms leakage. Sufficient attention should be given to the design of the flaring mold.

3Before flaring, the inner hole of the pipe must be cut flat to ensure that it is vertical to the center line and remove the burrs.

4. When flaring, ensure the accuracy of the diameter of the bell mouth.

5. The outer spherical surface of the pipe joint connector body and the surface of the pipe end bell mouth is a sealing surface, which should be cleaned and tidy before installation.

6. When installing the nipple in pipe fittings, ensure that the bell mouth of the pipe end is connected to the spherical coaxial cable to prevent tilting.

7. When installing the pipe joint of cheap galvanized pipe fittings, the tightening torque of the nut should be moderate. The general work experience is: first tighten the nut with your hands (it is stipulated that the connecting head body and the external thread of the nut have a good fit), and then use the wrench to tighten 1/4 turn to achieve the required clamping level.

8. In the hydraulic transmission system with high frequency vibration or high pressure shock, such connectors should be unnecessary as much as possible.