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How are the Stainless Pipe Compression Fittings Formed? What is the Difference between Single and Double Compression?

The forming of stainless steel compression fittings is a relatively complicated production process, which needs to be welded according to the different uses and materials of the products. The forming of stainless steel compression fittings needs to be carried out according to certain procedures, and the forming needs to be gradually formed under a certain pressure. It is necessary to strictly abide by the corresponding process, otherwise the stainless steel compression pipe fittings produced may have certain quality problems. What is the single compression of the compression fittings? What is dual card pressure? What is the difference between them before?

Using the effective rigidity of the metal material and the elastic compression ratio principle of the sealing material, and at the same time fully utilizing the length of the socket, the pipe connection with clamps on both sides of the U-shaped groove of the pipe socket is called the double compression type. The dual compression piping system is one of the most reasonable, safest and reliable connection methods among the domestic thin-walled metal pipe connections. It is widely used in many system fields such as direct drinking water, tap water, cold and hot water, heating, gas, and fire sprinklers. Advantages of double compression type: double compression type pipe fittings inherit all the advantages of compression type pipe fittings.

In terms of appearance, single compression pipe fittings are a small section smaller than double compression fittings. This is also the most intuitive difference between single compression and double compression. It is precisely because of this small pipe diameter that double compression fittings have a better sealing effect than single compression fittings, although their installation methods are the same.

The double compression fitting is actually an improved and evolved version of the single compression fitting. The installation method is completely the same. By extending this small section of the pipe diameter, the internal rubber ring is protected, which effectively improves the sealing performance between the pipe connections. The connection and installation process of double stainless steel compression fittings and single stainless steel compression fittings is basically the same, but we must pay more attention to the installation and use, so as to avoid connection errors and affect our normal use.