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How to Deal with Leaking Water Pipe Connector? What Should I Pay Attention to When Installing?

Water pipe connector is a component used to connect water pipes. Water pipe connectors can be divided into: external thread end connection type water pipe joints, bite-type water water pipe connectors, and self-fixing water pipe connectors.

Ⅰ. How to deal with leaking plumbing pipe nipples:

1. Cut off the leaking pipe

This is a relatively simple way to deal with water leakage in the water pipe. It is not difficult to install it from the beginning. As long as you do not apply the pipe to the wall, it should be able to be implemented and more thorough.

2. Glue

Generally speaking, glue is more suitable for pipelines with lower pressure, and the operating pressure cannot exceed 4 kg.

3. Welding

If the water pipe is thick, it can be welded directly on the outside with a hot melt device to close the gap. This method cannot have too high pressure.

4. Welding gun

Use the welding gun to spray the solder directly into the welding port.

Ⅱ. Precautions for water leakage in plumbing pipe nipples

When the water pipe leaks, you need to turn off the power first. Before checking the cause of the water leak, check whether the power is off, because the water conducts electricity and is prone to danger. Then wrap the leaking area with a soft object such as a rag to prevent water from splashing around. Find the valve of the water pipe and tighten it until the water stops flowing. If you can't handle it, you should ask a repairman to repair the water pipe.

Ⅲ. Points for attention when installing plumbing pipe nipples

1. Clean up impurities

Before installation, we need to clean the impurities inside the water pipe to prevent us from turbid water during use, so as to avoid damage, jamming, blockage and leakage of the valve core.

2. Don't force the switch

Since the water pipe joint plays a certain role in fixing, it is necessary for us to tighten it and install it tightly during installation, but there is no need to use excessive force. We only need to gently twist or toggle it, so as not to use force. Excessive water pipes or water pipe joints are damaged.