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Technical Article

01 07,2020

Features of Nipple Fittings

Nipple fitting refers to the pipe connection with thread, which is the most common pipe fitting in industry and life.

28 06,2020

Advantages of Threaded Nipple Fitting

1. High strength of threaded nipple fitting.

25 06,2020

Advantages of Stainless Pipe Nipples

The stainless pipe nipple is a kind of pipe joints that can be quickly disassembled without using tools.

22 06,2020

Application of Pipe Nipple

The pipe nipple is a connection tool between the pipeline and the pipeline, and is a connection point that can be disassembled and assembled between the component and the pipeline.

19 06,2020

The Development of Building Materials in China

Pipe fittings are parts that connect pipes into pipes.

28 05,2020

The Production Process of Threaded Nipple Pipe Fitting

The king nipple fitting is the most common type of fittings in industry and life, including a sealing ring, a connecting part and a union nut for connecting the pipe.

23 05,2020

Different Kinds of Pipe Fittings

There are also many processing methods for pipe fittings​.

18 05,2020

Classification of Pipe Threads

Pipe threads are threads on the pipe wall for connection.