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Technical Article

24 11,2021

Features and Installation Instructions of Bite Type Nipple in Pipe Fittings

Ⅰ. The characteristics of the bite type pipe nippleThe bite type nipple in pipe fittings has the advantages of simple structure, lightweight, small size, convenient use, no electric welding, compress...

10 11,2021

Reasons of the Leakage of the Sleeve Pipe Joint

The ferrule nipple in pipe fittings consists of three parts: the joint body, the ferrule and the nut.Ⅰ. What is the sealing principle of the ferrule nipple in pipe fittings?The main sealing part of t...

15 07,2021

Mounting Skills of Ferrule-type Pipe Joints

1. The pre-installation force should not be too large! There are ferrule type longitudinal pipe joints, ferrule end longitudinal through connectors, ferrule type three-way pipe joints, etc.The correct...

14 05,2021

How Much Do You Know About Brass Pipe Fittings?

In a plumbing system, multiple pipes and pipe sections need to be connected to each other to make the system work effectively. This purpose is achieved by plumbing fittings, which are specially used t...

22 04,2021

Various Styles of Water Pipe Fittings Are Suitable for Different Water Pipe Connection

In the process of waterway reconstruction, in addition to water pipes, many pipe joints and accessories are also needed to make the whole waterway system connected tightly. There are many differences ...

15 04,2021

Introduction of the Cooling and Shaping of Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

Cooling shaping can guarantee the quality of stainless steel welded pipe and ensure the safety in use. Let's take a look at the cooling setting device of stainless steel welded pipe:1. Shaping mouth s...

08 04,2021

How Much Do You Know About the Production Process of the Threaded Pipe Nipples

1. Connection of threaded pipe nipplesThreaded pipe nipples are pipe joints with screws, which are the most common pipe fittings in industry and life. Threaded pipe nipples make pipe connection easier...

01 04,2021

General Installation Procedure and Principle of Double-ferrule-type Pipe Nipple

Ⅰ. Routine installation steps of double ferrule type pipe nippleStep 1: Insert the pipe into the pipe nipple, make sure that the end of the pipe reaches the bottom of the pipe nipple, and tighten the...