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Technical Article

22 03,2021

Types of Nipples in Pipe Fittings

Pipe nipple is a detachable connection between oil pipe and oil pipe, oil pipe and hydraulic parts. It should have the characteristics of convenient assembly and disassembly, firm connection, reliable...

15 03,2021

Why Are Threaded Pipe Nipples So Popular?

Why are threaded pipe nipples so popular? Let us find out together.1. High connection strength of threaded pipe nipples: According to the principle of steel solidification, the strength of the straigh...

08 03,2021

Application of Threaded Pipe Nipples

1. What is a threaded pipe nipple?Threaded pipe nipple is a special tool for connection between pipeline and pipeline, and it is a node that can be disassembled between components and pipeline. It is ...

01 03,2021

Precautions for Installing Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples

1. Introduction of stainless steel pipe nipplesThe stainless steel pipe joint housing and the torsion shaft are supported by precision bearings, making them sensitive, light and low friction during to...

22 02,2021

The Correct Size of the Plumbing Pipe Nipple Makes it More Reliable for Installation and Use

The installation of waterways is at the forefront of the home renovation process. If there is a problem with the installation of water pipes, other renovation work will also be difficult. To do a good...

15 02,2021

How to Connect the Plumbing Pipe Nipple when It Leaks?

1. How to connect plumbing pipe nipples?After selecting the plumbing pipe nipple, you need to connect the plumbing pipe nipple. The connection of the plumbing pipe nipple is very convenient and can be...

08 02,2021

Specifications and Types of Plumbing Pipe Nipples

1. Specifications of plumbing pipe nipplesSpecifications of plumbing pipe nipples are generally determined according to the difference in interface size. There are two types of plumbing pipe nipple sp...

01 02,2021

Points for Using Flare Fitting

The flare fitting is suitable for thick-walled rare metal (copper, aluminum) pipes and plastic hoses with mid-bottom pressure. The key points of its application are as follows:1. The surface roughness...