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Suited Flaring Pipe Nipple Technical Standards for Industrial Equipment

Available materials for nipple in pipe fittings: oil, water, gas and other non-corrosive or corrosive three-way joints applicable to steel pipe specifications and models are more flexible. After being welded to the pipeline, it has the characteristics of firm connection and good sealing characteristics. It is widely used in the system software of oil refineries, chemical plants, light industry, textiles, national defence and security, metallurgical industry, airlines, ships, etc. The nipple in pipe fittings is also suitable for various mechanical automation, mechanical equipment and other hydraulic transmission system pipelines.

Ⅰ. Raw materials of flared pipe nipple

1. The raw materials for the production of tee joints should meet the working pressure range of the specific application and the material requirements for transportation in the piping system software.

2. The manufacturer can use other carbon steel raw materials according to the processing technology regulations in addition to the strongly recommended raw materials. The compressive strength shall not be less than the requirements in the table.

3. Discuss with the manufacturer when customers need to use stainless steel plates, alloy copper, aluminum alloy profiles, and other raw materials.

Ⅱ. The structure and specifications of flared pipe nipple

When selecting the listed specifications and the performance indicators that do not harm the three-way joint, the appearance design and structure of the three-way joint can be decided by the pipe nipple manufacturer. However, a large change in the cross-section of the connector Bbody should be prevented.

Ⅲ. The key types of flared pipe nipple

1. 8 types of standard types-including straight-through tee joints (the type and specifications of the connector without brackets after the name of the connector indicate the type and specifications of the connector are only type A structural connectors, the same), taper male threaded straight-through tee joints (A, B type), direct tee joint (A, B type), tapered male threaded angled tee joint (A, B type), angled tee joint (A, B type), tapered male threaded tee joint ( A, B type), three-way pipe joint (A, B type), four-way three-way joint.

2. One type of long tee joint with external taper thread.

3. There are three types of adjustable three-way joints-including adjustable to-end beveled three-way joints, adjustable to-end beveled three-way pipe joints, and adjustable to-end beveled three-way pipe joints. This type of three-way joint allows the pipeline to be installed in a random position in a plan view.

4. Three types of three-way joints in pipe fittings manufacture are composed-bevel three-way joints, bevel three-way pipe joints, and three-way pipe joints. The flaring type composed of the three-way joint is different from the bite type composed of three-way joint. It is to clamp a clamping female on the connector body, and the clamping female can be connected with the connector on the plastic hose. In turn, the pipeline can be installed in a random position in a plan view.

5. There are two types of reducer connection heads-large and small head cone male threaded three-way pipe joints and three-way reducer connection heads. This type of connector is used to connect pipes with different diameters.

6. One type of electric welding tee joint.

7. Two types of neighbor tee joints-neighbour direct tee joints and neighbour oblique angle tee joints.

8. One type of barometer three-way connector (A, B type).