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Application of Threaded Pipe Nipples

1. What is a threaded pipe nipple?

Threaded pipe nipple is a special tool for connection between pipeline and pipeline, and it is a node that can be disassembled between components and pipeline. It is an indispensable key role in the pipe.

The three-way joint is connected by parallel wires such as the instrument panel, and the connection method is socket welding or bolt connection. The key is to use the bottom pressure pipe of the caliber, which is used for the position that needs to be frequently assembled and disassembled, or as the final adjustment of the threaded pipe.

The structural form should be a metal material surface-contact sealing structure. The gasket sealing structure is generally used to transport water, oil, gas and other general pipelines, and it is manufactured by using malleable cast iron raw materials. In addition, application regulations and price are also factors considered when adopting.

2. Types of threaded pipe nipples

There are many types of pipe nipple threaded. Common threaded pipe nipples can generally be divided into two types: hard tee joints and hose joints. If divided according to the connection method of the tee joint and the pipeline, the hard tee joint has three types: flared, ferrule and welded, and the hose joint is mainly a press-on rubber threaded pipe nipple.

The actual effect of fine-tooth external thread sealing is very good, and it is often used in high pressure system software, but it must use a combination washer or O-ring to seal the inner hole, and sometimes copper is also used. Sealing ring, it is more suitable for the connection of thicker wall pipelines, the key components of which are the connector body, the butt joint and the nut.

3. The application of threaded pipe nipples

In application, put the threaded pipe nipple connector body into the overall goal, and cooperate with each other to use the seal ring mentioned in the front to seal the inner hole. The connector body and the butt joint are sealed with gaskets, and sometimes curved seals are used. Besides, gas pipe nipple can be applied to oil gas petro chemistry.

Because the three-way connector belongs to the detachable connecting component, it must consider all normal connections such as firm connection, strong airtightness, effective specifications, low working pressure damage, and good performance. It must also be considered for easy disassembly. Therefore, it is unnecessary to underestimate the small tee-joints, because only its existence can support the existence of all hydraulic transmission systems.