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Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fittings

SANVO Pipes & Fittings provides all kinds of pipe fittings, pipe nipples and couplings with high quality. If you want to buy pipe fittings, contact us now.

SANVO, as one of the professional pipe fittings manufacturers in China, made a list of pipe nipples and couplings that we can produce for our hardware customers to choose: carbon steel pipe nipples, black pipe nipples, galvanized pipe nipples, stainless steel pipe nipples, seamless pipe nipples, brass pipe nipples, aluminum pipe nipples, carbon steel pipe sockets and stainless steel pipe couplings. 

Pipe fitting is a general term for components in the piping system that function as connection, control, direction change, split, seal, and support.

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Types of Nipple Fittings

Kinds of Pipe Fittings

Steel pipe fittings are pressure pipe fittings. According to the different processing methods, it is divided into four categories, namely butt welding pipe fittings (both welded and non-welded), socket welding and threaded pipe fittings and flanged pipe fittings.

There are many types of pipe fittings, which are classified according to the use, connection, materials, and processing methods.

SANVO Pipes & Fittings offers a wide range of high-quality pipe nipples, including carbon steel nipples, black pipe nipples, galvanized steel pipe nipples, stainless steel pipe nipples, seamless pipe nipples, brass pipe nipples, aluminum pipe joints, carbon steel pipe joints, and stainless steel pipe joints.

Here are some categories of pipe nipples we selected for our customers to choose:

By Purpose

Pipe fittings that SANVO Pipes & Fittings mainly produces are pipe nipples and couplings. We made this list of our main products according to the different use purposes for our hardware customers.

  • Pipe fittings for connecting pipes: flange, union, pipe clamp, clamp, ferrule, hose clamp, etc.

  • Change the pipe direction of the pipe: elbow

  • Pipe fittings that change the pipe diameter: variable diameter (reducing pipe), reducer elbow, branch pipe, and reinforcing pipe

  • Increase the pipe branch pipe: three links, four links

  • Pipe fittings for pipeline sealing: gasket, raw material belt, wire hemp, flange blind plate, pipe plug, blind plate, head, welding plug

  • Pipe fittings for pipe fixing: snap ring, tow hook, lifting ring, bracket, bracket, pipe card, etc.

By Connection

Different categories of pipe fittings that we mainly provide for all kinds of connections between pipes, plumps, tubes, etc.

  • Welded pipe fittings

  • Threaded pipe fittings

  • The tube fittings

  • Neck-welded steel pipe flange

  • Neck-welded steel pipe flange

  • The clamp pipe fittings

  • Socket pipe fittings

  • Bonding pipe fittings

  • Hot melt pipe fittings

  • Curved bomb double melt pipe fittings

  • Apron connected pipe fittings

By Material

In view of the fact that some hardware customers are more concerned about the selection and customization of pipe joints and pipe joints, we have listed the types of pipe nipples available for production.

  • Cast steel pipe fittings

  • Cast iron pipe fittings

  • Stainless steel pipe fittings

  • Plastic pipe fittings

  • PVC pipe fittings

  • Rubber pipe fittings

  • Graphite pipe fittings

  • Forged steel pipe parts

  • PPR pipe fittings

  • Alloy pipe fittings

  • PE pipe fittings

  • ABS pipe fittings

SANVO Pipes & Fittings will always provide excellent-quality pipe nipples and couplings and valuable OEM service for every hardware customer.

We will be your reliable supplier of pipe nipples and couplings in China.

If you want to know more information, you're welcome to request a quote or call us at +86 0317 2021378.