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Do You Know the Features of Pipe Socket?

The tpipe socket is a socket that leads out the joints of the electronic tube and mechanically fixes it on it.

1. Features of pipe socket:

Pipe socket is a petrochemical pipe fitting product that has been used more at home and abroad in recent years. The socket is mainly suitable for the connection between the main pipe and the branch pipe, instead of the original steel reducing straight, three-way connection.

The pipe seat has the advantages of good sealing, safety and reliability, simple design and selection, etc., and is especially widely used in high temperature, high pressure, large diameter, and thick wall pipelines.

The pipe socket is made of high-quality high-pressure forgings, and the materials used are the same as those of the pipeline. There are stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel and other materials for customers to choose.

The pipe socket and the main pipe are connected by welding, and the connection between the pipe socket and the branch pipe includes three types of butt welding, threaded and socket welding.

The pipe socket is made of forging or thick-walled seamless pipe through cutting. After negotiation between the supplier and the demander, it can also be made by direct cutting of bar. The welding groove at the connection between the pipe seat and the main shaft is usually 50°, and the welding groove at the radial connection with the main pipe is usually 35°, and the entire welding groove angle should be uniformly transitioned.

The surface of the pipe socket should be clean, free of rust, burrs and attachments. Products whose outer surface is forging blanks should be sandblasted or shot blasted. The surface of the finished carbon steel and alloy alloy should be treated with rust prevention.

The pipe socket should be visually inspected one by one, and there should be no cracks, overburning, heavy leather, slag inclusions and mechanical scratches or pits with a depth greater than 5% of the wall thickness of the pipe. The transition should be smooth at the welding groove.

The nominal diameter of the pipe socket is indicated by the main pipe and the branch pipe. The wall thickness or pressure grade has specific instructions. The material grade, thread feature code, and the mark can be steel stamped. It is an electro-erosion method and the writing is neat and clear.