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Pipe Nipples

As one of the most professional pipe nipple suppliers, SANVO Pipes & Fittings provides many pipe fittings nipple types according to the needs of hardware customers.

A nipple of pipe nipple manufacturer is a short segment of pipe with equal male threading at each end. It is typically used for connecting two other pipes, fittings or hoses. 

Kinds of pipe fittings can be made from a wide range of materials. We produce carbon steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel pipe nipples and more. Using types of pipe fittings makes it possible to position tubing exactly where it is needed.

Pipe nipples also come with a variety of end finishes, such as tapered thread, straight thread, roller cut, reamed and chamfered, square cut, and grooved.

SANVO, a reliable pipe nipple manufacturer in China, can provide you with different types of pipe nipples. You can click and check our pipe fittings nipple types below. If you have any questions, welcome to consult.

Types of Nipple Fittings

Applications of Threaded Pipe Nipples

Pipe nipples, threaded pipe nipples and coupled pipes can be used in a large number of different industries. Including:

Manufacturing & Distribution

Water & Plumbing

Oil, Gas & Petro Chem

Hydraulic & Pumping


Beverage & Brewery

Want to know more about threaded pipe nipples applications? Please contact us!

How do We Produce Types of Pipe Nipples?

Pipe nipples like carbon steel pipe nipples produced by pipe nipple suppliers require a few considerations prior to manufacturing:

Tube selection – material; welded or seamless; thickness; and diameter.

General specifications – temperatures; pressures; safety coefficients, etc.

End connections – threads; square-cut; beveled; square-cut; bent; or barbed.

More importantly, all threaded pipe for sale are designed and manufactured according to our customers' order and demand.

SANVO Pipes & Fittings is one of the most reliable threaded pipe suppliers in China. With years of experience in manufacturing different types of pipe nipples, SANVO has formed its own advantages among all the pipe nipple suppliers. If you are looking for reliable pipe nipple suppliers, we are sure to be the pipe nipple manufacturer you need. Contact us now for a quote by sending an e-mail to Our professional experts of pipe nipples will get in touch with you to help with any questions about pipe nipples and couplings.