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How Much Do You Know About the Production Process of the Threaded Pipe Nipples

1. Connection of threaded pipe nipples

Threaded pipe nipples are pipe joints with screws, which are the most common pipe fittings in industry and life. Threaded pipe nipples make pipe connection easier, disassembly and replacement are also easy, which greatly reduces the cost of pipe connection.

The threaded pipe nipples include a coupling nut connecting a sealing ring, a connecting part and a connecting pipe, so the sealing ring is designed as a ring knife with one or more blades. Tighten the coupling nut to the connection and insert the ring knife into the hole in the connection. The hole has a tapered surface. The outside of the sealing ring is the ring reinforcement material on the side of the nut. The ring-shaped reinforcing material forms a toroidal surface in the transition area facing the narrow ring.

The inclination of the tube axis of the annular surface formed by the reinforced part of the annular knife is 45-90. If fully assembled, the axial length of the ring-shaped stiffener is equal to allowing the transcription element provided on the ring-shaped surface to be transcribed on the end surface of its own negative structure or connecting portion. The printing element has an outline of a three-dimensional shape, and its negative image can be transferred to the surface of the connecting part. In a similar way to the mold, the assembler applies pressure to imprint a negative image on the surface of the joint.

2. What are industrial threaded pipe nipples made of

Industrial threaded pipe nipples are generally made of metal, with high pressure resistance, and materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, and brass. The materials of screw connectors for daily use generally include PC, PVC, PE, PPR, etc.