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Precautions for Installing Stainless Steel Pipe Nipples

1. Introduction of stainless steel pipe nipples

The stainless steel pipe joint housing and the torsion shaft are supported by precision bearings, making them sensitive, light and low friction during torsion. The liquid medium of the stainless steel pipe joint can contain water, oil, air, etc. Stainless steel pipe joints are widely used in all walks of life.

Stainless steel pipe nipples are easy to replace and repair, without the need to purchase new products, thus saving money. Stainless steel pipe nipples should be selected according to their working conditions. The transmission medium inlet of the stainless steel pipe joint can be freely selected to enter the side or the rear end according to the working conditions. Some stainless steel pipe nipples 304 are designed for special mechanical functions. The closed side of the fixed ring is made of carbon (C) graphite (chemical formula C). In addition, they are waterproof, wear-resistant and dry. The long-term mechanical experience of stainless steel pipe nipples is the result of balanced closing surfaces.

2. Precautions for installation of stainless steel pipe nipples

In order to extend the service life of stainless steel pipe nipples as much as possible, an important issue is the installation method of the hose. When installing hose assemblies on stainless steel pipe nipples, there are four rules to follow:

1. The stainless steel pipe coupling is not twisted, and the hose can be bent in its axial plane. Place the end joint of the stainless steel pipe coupling on the bending plane of the shaft.

2. Provide adjustment space. When installing a hose between two coaxial connectors, it is necessary to maintain sufficient adjustment space to compensate for the length change caused by the pressure, mechanical movement and thermal expansion of the stainless steel pipe joint connector.

3. Stainless steel pipe joint 304 should avoid small bending radius. The hose lining and the stressed material will produce high stress, which will shorten the service life of the hose and reduce the use pressure. The selection of elbows and piping systems can prevent excessive bending of stainless steel pipe nipples.

4. Stainless steel pipe nipples provide heat and wear protection. Select a suitable hose protector to isolate the hose assembly from nearby hot surfaces. In equipment that cannot prevent hose friction, stainless steel pipe nipples must also be selected with hose protection covers with low wear resistance and friction coefficient.