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Types of Pipe Fittings

Pipe fittings are the general name of the parts and components in the pipeline system that plays the role of connection, control, direction change, diverting, sealing, and supporting. Steel pipe fittings are all pressure fittings. According to different processing techniques, it is divided into four categories, namely, butt-welded pipe fittings (with two types of welds and no welds), socket welding, threaded fittings and flanged fittings.


There are many types of pipe fittings, and they are classified according to their use and connection.

Pipe fittings are divided by use:

1. The fittings used for interconnecting pipes include flanges, unions, pipe hoops, clamp hoops, ferrules, hose clamps, etc.

2. Pipe fittings that change the direction of the pipe include elbows and bends.

3. The pipe fittings that change the pipe diameter include reducers, reducing elbows, branch pipes, and reinforced pipes.

4. There are three-way and four-way pipe fittings for branching.

5. Pipe fittings used for pipeline sealing include gaskets, raw material belts, hemp, flange blind plates, pipe plugs, blind plates, heads, and welding plugs.

6. Pipe fittings used for pipeline fixing include snap ring, towing hook, lifting ring, support, bracket, pipe clamp, etc.


Pipe fittings are divided by connection:

1. Welded pipe fittings

2. Threaded fittings

3. Tube fittings

4. Clamp fittings

5. Socket pipe fitting

6. Adhesive pipe fittings

7. Hot melt pipe fittings

8. Curve-elasticity double-melt pipe fittings

9. Plastic ring connection type pipe fittings

10. King nipple fittings

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