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Master These Tips to Easily Solve Plumbing Pipe Nipple Leakage Issues

Plumbing Pipe Nipple leakage of water is a common problem in homes, which needs to be repaired in time, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble to our lives. The leakage of plumbing pipe nipples is mostly caused by loosening or aging of the pipes after long-term use. So what should we do when plumbing pipe nipples leak? What are the repair methods for plumbing pipe nipple leaks? Next, we will introduce the solution to the leakage of plumbing pipe nipples for everyone.

What to do if Plumbing Pipe Nipples Leak?

Most families will encounter the situation of plumbing pipe nipple leakage. If professional workers are hired for repairs every time, it is not only troublesome but also a significant expense for families. Therefore, everyone can try to repair the nipple in pipe fittings by themselves.

Plumbing pipe nipple leakage generally has two situations: upper joint leakage and lower joint leakage. No matter which plumbing pipe nipple leaks, the water source should be turned off before repair. Unscrew the nipple in pipe fittings and carefully inspect where the leakage comes from, then find the cause of the plumbing pipe nipple leakage and deal with it specifically.

Solutions to Leakage of Upper Plumbing Pipe Nipple?

  • The plumbing pipe nipple is broken: When the nipple in pipe fittings is broken, the only way is to replace it with a new one. It is crucial to procure the replacement from a reliable pipe nipple manufacturer to ensure that the new part fits appropriately and functions as expected.

  • Leakage at the thread: If there is no gasket, install one. If the gasket is old, replace it with a new one. Apply thick white paint to the thread and wrap it with hemp thread. It can also be wrapped with sealing tape.

  • Faucet problem: If the axis gasket inside the faucet is worn, use pliers to loosen and remove the press cover, take out the axis gasket with pliers, and then replace it with a new one. If there is a leak at the adhesive or fusion joint, it is more difficult to repair. It is recommended to find a professional worker for repair.

Solutions to Leakage of Lower Plumbing Pipe Nipple?

  • If a PVC water pipe leaks, buy a new one and replace it by cutting off the bad pipe and fitting the joint into one end of the pipe. Make sure that the trimmed position of the other end is flush with the other side of the joint and can be straightened appropriately. Then, apply PVC adhesive to the inner side of the joint and the outer side of the two lower water pipes.

  • Use waterproof tape to repair the lower water pipes. Wrap them tightly and then apply waterproof mortar and cement.