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Various Styles of Water Pipe Fittings Are Suitable for Different Water Pipe Connection

In the process of waterway reconstruction, in addition to water pipes, many pipe joints and accessories are also needed to make the whole waterway system connected tightly. There are many differences between pipe nipples and fittings. If you don't carefully distinguish them, it's easy to buy them wrong. What are the common ones before you buy them?

1. Plumbing pipe nipple

Plumbing pipe nipple, also known as sleeve, is used to connect two water pipes and extend the length of water pipe. According to different ways of use, plumbing pipe nipples can be divided into external thread end plumbing pipe nipple, ferrule-type plumbing pipe nipple and self fixing joint. When installing, pay attention to the size between the joint and the water pipe, and select the correct joint.

2. Elbow

Elbows are used to change the direction of water pipes. Water pipes can't always be straight. Elbows are needed when turning. According to different bending angles, they are available from 45 degrees to 180 degrees. 45 degrees and 90 degrees elbows are commonly used for water pipes.

3. Inner and outer screw

The inner thread of king nipple is equivalent to the nut, the thread is inside, the outer thread is equivalent to the screw sweat, and the thread is outside. The inner thread and the outer thread of the same size can be joined. Inner and outer wires are often used in water pipes, and more inner wires are used in home decoration.

4. Tee joint

Tee joint is a joint with three openings in different directions. According to the opening diameter, it can be divided into the same diameter tee and the different diameter tee. When you need to lead out multiple waterways, you need to use tee joint.

5. Big and small head

The big and small ends of aluminum threaded pipe fittings are also called reducers. Because the diameters of the two ends of the joint are different, they are mainly used to connect two water pipes with different diameters.

6. Plug

The plug is used to close the pipe. After the water pipe is installed, the water outlet can be temporarily closed, and it can be removed when the faucet is installed. When purchasing, it is necessary to pay attention to the matching between the plug and the water pipe.

7. Winding

The shape is like an arch bridge, which is also called a bridge. When the water pipes to be connected are on a uniform horizontal plane, but they are not butted, the winding connection is needed.

8. S-bend and P-bend

S-bend and P-bend are often used in the sewer of toilet sanitary ware, which can achieve the function of deodorization and antivirus. Among them, S-bend drainage pipe is vertical pipe, P-bend drainage pipe is horizontal pipe. All kinds of water pipe fittings can adapt to various situations in waterway reconstruction. Different sizes, directions and horizontal planes of water pipes can be solved to ensure smooth connection of water pipes.