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Brass Pipe Couplings - Ferrule Type Couplings

The pipe joint is a connection tool between the pipeline and the pipeline, and is the connection point between the component and the pipeline that can be disassembled and assembled. It plays an indispensable and important role in pipe fittings. It is one of the two main components of hydraulic pipelines. Pipe joints are used for linear connection of instruments, etc. The connection forms are socket welding or threaded connection.

Mainly used for small-caliber low-pressure pipelines, used for parts that need to be assembled and disassembled frequently, or as the final adjustment of threaded pipe fittings. Related products of pipe coupling manufacturers are included in quick, easy and excellent. The structure should adopt a metal surface contact seal structure. The structure of gasket seal is usually used to transport water, oil, air and other general pipelines, and it is made of malleable cast iron. In addition, the use requirements and price are also factors considered when selecting.

Brass pipe couplings - the structure and principle of ferrule type couplings

The basic structure of this joint is relatively simple, consisting of three basic parts: a joint body, a ferrule and a nut. The main part of threaded brass pipe fittings is the ferrule, which is a metal ring with a blade at the front end. The international standard GB3764-83 recommends a unified I shape for the cutting edge.

The additional ferrule for the main sealing function of this joint moves axially along the inner taper hole of the joint body under the axial action of the tightening nut R force, and the cutting edge is at the diameter of the reaction force R' The radial contraction is generated under the action of the direction, which eliminates the gap between the ferrule and the tube, and makes the blade contact the surface of the tube. At this time, the tube no longer rotates. Continue to rotate the nut to make the blade of the ferrule cut firmly into the tube to ensure sealing.

Another sealing link is that the 13° chamfer of the edge of the cutting edge of the ferrule and the intersection edge of the outer circle and the annular cone of the joint body tightly contact to form a sealing band, which is the main part of the ferrule seal. The 86° tapered surface of the ferrule tail shrinks radially under the action of a force of F, tightly hugs the connected pipe, while the middle part is slightly arched, so the ferrule has axial elastic deformation, which seals the ferrule and prevents compression Loose nuts all play a beneficial role.

Stainless steel ferrule type pipe joints are increasingly widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment pipelines that use oil, gas, and media, and are especially suitable for occasions where there is a risk of burning, high-altitude operations, and frequent assembly and disassembly. It is currently being vigorously promoted and used in China. The above is the relevant situation of the brass pipe joints introduced by Hebei Sanvo Pipes&Fittings Co.,ltd.