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Different Kinds of Pipe Fittings

There are many kinds of pipe fittings, mainly the following:

1. Variable-diameter pipe fittings refer to a reduction in the diameter of a pipe end or a certain part on the pipe.

2. Variable wall thickness pipe produced by pipe fittings supplier means that the wall thickness changes along the length of the pipe.

3. There are fittings that can be changed in section. According to the requirements, the pipe with round cross section will be changed into square, ellipse, polygon and so on.

4. The curved pipes that we touch more are turning straight pipes into bends with different radii of curvature, such as elbows and bends.

5. There are aluminum threaded pipe fittings with flanges and round edges. The former refers to a pipe member whose end of the pipe is convex to the inside or the outside, and the latter refers to a pipe member formed with ridges or grooves in the circumferential direction of the pipe.

6. There are pipe fittings with curling and back cover. The former refers to the pipe fittings that crimp the total strength of the pipe end to the outside or inside of the pipe, and the latter refers to the pipe fittings whose ends are sealed.

7. There are flanges for connecting pipes and various valve parts.

8. Pipe fittings are made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, PPR, PVC, etc.

There are also many processing methods for pipe fittings. Many processing methods also belong to the category of mechanical processing. The most used are the stamping method, forging method, roller processing method, rolling method, bulging method, stretching method, bending method and combined processing method. Pipe processing is an organic combination of machining and metal pressure processing.