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The Production Process of Threaded Nipple Pipe Fitting

The king nipple fitting is the most common type of fittings in industry and life, including a sealing ring, a connecting part and a union nut for connecting the pipe.

The king nipple pipe fitting refers to threaded pipe fittings. The sealing ring produced by pipe nipple manufacturer is designed as a ring knife with one or more cutting edges. By screwing the union nut onto the connecting part, the ring knife can be inserted into the cavity of the connecting part, which has a tapered surface. Outside the seal ring, there is an annular reinforcement on the side of the nut.

The ring-shaped reinforcement forms a torus at its transition area toward the narrow ring portion. The inclination of the ring surface formed by the reinforced portion of the ring knife relative to the axis of the tube is 45 ° -90 °. When fully assembled, the axial length of the ring-shaped reinforcement is just like the transfer element provided on the ring surface can transfer its own negative image structure or itself to the end of the connecting portion. Many pipe fittings manufacturers in China did very well in this field.

The transfer element has a three-dimensional contour, and its negative image can be transferred to the surface of the connecting portion. In a similar manner to the stamper, the assembler applies pressure to imprint the negative image on the surface of the connecting part.