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The Correct Size of the Plumbing Pipe Nipple Makes it More Reliable for Installation and Use

The installation of waterways is at the forefront of the home renovation process. If there is a problem with the installation of water pipes, other renovation work will also be difficult. To do a good job in waterway construction, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of water pipe material, plumbing pipe nipple specifications and other issues in advance to prevent the possibility of mistakes.

1. What is a plumbing pipe nipple?

To understand the specifications of plumbing pipe nipples, we must first know what plumbing pipe nipples are. The plumbing pipe nipple, in simple terms, is actually a small part used to connect two water pipes. However, although this part is small, it plays a very crucial role. According to their usage, plumbing pipe nipples can be divided into three categories: external threaded plumbing pipe nipples, card sleeve plumbing pipe nipples, and self-fixing plumbing pipe nipples.

2. Plumbing pipe nipples are classified by material

According to their production materials, they can be divided into two categories: metal plumbing pipe nipples and plastic plumbing pipe nipples.

The thickness, length, and installation position of the water pipe are different, which also determines that there are many different sizes of water pipe joint specifications.

The use of water pipes is very closely related to people's daily life. It can be used not only in the family, but also in other areas of society. Water pipes are also widely used. There are also certain differences in prices for different pipe materials and pipe specifications. For general washing machine plumbing pipe nipples, the applicable inner diameter of the water pipe is 12mm, and for household plumbing pipe nipples, the general inner diameter is 14m.

If the water pipe joint specifications are not used correctly during the waterway reconstruction, it may cause the water pipes in the house to leak and affect people's normal work and life. In addition, improper plumbing pipe nipples may damage the water pipes and cause serious waste of water resources. Therefore, only by finding the right water pipe joint specifications and installing it, can the use be more assured.